In the remote survivalist compound of Fort Thunder, 18 year-old Bowie Neville is a rising star. Groomed to be the new leader of the community’s heavily-armed militia, Bowie is the envy of his peers, unparalleled in the art of war and set to marry the Fort’s prettiest girl. But when a private jet crashes in the nearby wilderness, leaving a beautiful young woman, Alexis, as its sole survivor, Bowie brings her into the stronghold, throwing his life and the lives of those around him into turmoil. As tensions in the closed-minded community fray, Bowie falls victim to a plot hatched by Papa Byrne – his former mentor and the leader of the Fort’s militia. Soon Bowie and Alexis find themselves on the run, hunted by the very people he was born to protect. The stronghold’s once favorite son is about to have his eyes opened to the larger world – if he can live long enough to see it.